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Day forty-six: Do you have a favourite motivational quote?

The first one to come to mind is “pain is weakness leaving the body” :) so true. It’s what keeps me going during a tough workout.


Day forty-two: What is the meaning of life? Just kidding. If you feel happy with the way your body looks before you reach your ultimate goal weight, will you continue to try and lose weight, or will you aim to maintain?

hmm. I’ll honestly probably still try to lose. My goal weight barely puts me near or at a “healthy” weight, so it would be nice to actually see 160 (or lower on a scale) it also would mean that i’ve gotten rid of that much more fat!! So, the answer would be no. 


Day forty-one: Do you drink tea or coffee?

I drink soooo much coffee. Growing up around Seattle made it hard to not drink it. I have at least a cup of joe every morning and just love it :) I also am a tea drinker, but I can’t go a day without my coffee!! 


so i was going to just go and do all of the ones I haven’t yet, but decided to just start where I left off, which is a perfect question for the situation. 

Day forty: Have you gained weight at any point of your journey? How did this effect you?

Yes. I mean I only gained about a pound in the last week, due to a decrease in exercise and an increase in eating, especially not the healthiest food. But it actually made me feel better because I realized that a bad day, or even week doesn’t really kill your goals and that you just have to get back to it. Not that moving and travelling and all the other shenanigans I’ve done in the past week are a good excuse, but there are definitely times where you’ll ruin your routine and in turn gain weight, but it’s not the end of the world :)


Day thirty-eight: What do you generally order if you have to eat out at a restaurant?

oh geez, i like to think i’ll get a salad, but most salads are just as bad as anything else. I’ll typically get a sandwich with a side salad or some piece of meat. Or just sushi because I love sushi :)

Day thirty-nine: What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to give up?

oooh. this is hard. probably ritz. I didn’t exactly give them up but ritz are just so high in calories and I could easily just eat a tube of ritz in one sitting so I just don’t buy them anymore. I also sorta have been craving panda express recently, but that is just horrible for you and has barely any “real” food in it, so thats how I get by. 


Day thirty-seven: What do you wear when you go swimming/to the beach?

A bikini :) I bought one for myself about a month ago as an early birthday present/reward for getting to 175. And I am at 175.5 right now. It is going to look bomb on me when I get to 160, that’s for sure :)
and with that. i’m off to the pool to tan in my bikini :)

Week six!

I cannot believe it’s week six!! 
Weekly challenge: Focus on one area of your body (eg. Arms/abs) and work hard on it every day of the week, I bet you’ll see a difference after 7 days!

I’mma go with either arms or abs. 

Day thirty-six: What’s one item of clothing you’d like to wear after losing weight?

Hmmm. This is a tough one. Probably fitted dresses or skinny jeans and cute tops :) haha


Day thirty-three: Will you continue to count calories once you reach your ultimate goal weight?

Probably yeah. I mean I honestly am not planning on reaching my ugw of 150 for a while. The timeline is a year from now, so obviously I still have a ways to go, and it’s mainly more of lifestyle changes than anything. I don’t even know if I’ll count calories when I come back to school in the fall depending on how I do this summer. I might just start eating right because I really don’t want this to be something that plagues me for the rest of my life. Right now I’m mainly using it as a guide to figure out how many calories are in what so in the future I am more aware of what I’m eating. 

So long story short, probably not :)


Day thirty-two: What is your weakness/one food you just can’t say no to?

Hmmm. One food I just cannot say no to. I would have to say Mexican food in general. I just love it so much, but I’ll limit myself to eating it at the maximum of once a week! It’s just so yummy :)


Day thirty-one: What are your favourite healthy snacks?

Anything with hummus. I’ve recently refound my love of hummus. I normally eat it with either whole-wheat pita, freshly cut up carrots, or wasa crackers, but it’s also really good on cucumber! My other healthy snacks are just any type of fruit. I have a huge bowl full of strawberries and I also have apricots, apples, bananas and whatever else I can get my hands on without breaking the bank.